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Create a Fuel File - Vendors

Known Issue

The Omnitracs Tax Manager error log does not include the header rows when it counts the line where the error occurs. This affects the Irving, Shell, TCH, Comdata, Standard, and Wright Express fuel imports.


If you are importing a fuel file into Omnitracs Tax Manager, you will need to create a file to import. These subfolders contain instructions for uploading fuel files from commonly used fuel vendors: 


Fleet One





Others: Use this generic template to import fuel files from a vendor other than those specifically listed.

The instructions walk you through the vendor's webpage, show you how to obtain the vendor's fuel file, and show you how to store the fuel file on your computer so the file is accessible for importing into Omnitracs Tax Manager.

Once you've created a file, you can navigate to the Import Fuel File window in Omnitracs Tax Manager (Tools > IFTA > Manage Fuel Receipts > Import Fuel File), open the newly created file, and upload it into Omnitracs Tax Manager.

For instructions on how to import a fuel file, refer to Importing Fuel Files in the Knowledge Base.

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