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Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) Configuration Page

The Tire Pressure Monitoring Configuration (TPM) page allows you to view and change the TPM configuration for a selected vehicle or vehicles.

List TPM Data for Specified Vehicles


Populate the TPM Configuration Settings table with the list of vehicles you want.

  1. Select the vehicles to display.
    • To select a vehicle by UA (Unit Address), type the vehicle's UA in the UA text box.
    • To select a vehicle by Vehicle ID, type the vehicle's ID in the Vehicle ID text box.
    • To select a list of vehicles by global group, choose a global group from the Global Group drop down box.
  2. Click Search.


TPM Configuration Settings Table


Each row in the table represents a vehicle.

Column Values Allowed Description
Vehicle ID, UA text (including numbers) Vehicle ID, and UA respectively
Equipment to Track Tractor only or Both Tractor and Trailer Type of vehicle
Periodic Reports . . . True or False Whether this vehicle sends periodic reports of tire pressure.
Periodic Interval none, or number of minutes If the vehicle sends periodic reports, the interval, in minutes, between reports.
Selected Checked or Unchecked An interactive column that allows you to select vehicles for which you want to change the TPM configuration.


Edit Values on the TPM Configuration Panel


From the TPM Configuration panel, change the TPM configuration for a selected vehicle or vehicles.

Note: If you select multiple vehicles, the configuration you specify will be applied to all selected vehicles. To apply different configurations to different vehicles, you must repeat this procedure for each unique configuration. Note that the configuration sets whether a vehicle is a tractor or trailer, so all selected vehicles must be of the same equipment type.

  1. Select the vehicles whose configuration you want to change.
    • For each vehicle you want to select, check the box in the Selected column of the TPM configuration table.
    • To select all vehicles, click the Select All button at the bottom of the table.
  2. In the Equipment to Track drop down box, select whether these vehicles are Tractors or Trailers.
  3. To enable periodic reports for these vehicles, check the Enable Periodic Reports check box.
  4. In the Periodic Intervals text box, type the number of minutes you want between each report. If you did not check Enable Periodic Reports, leave this text box blank.
  5. Click Update Selected.


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