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Vehicle Diagnostics Overview

Vehicle Diagnostics helps you monitor your fleet's physical condition.

It provides access to three separate applications:

  • Fault Monitoring (formerly Vehicle Maintenance) alerts you when it detects that there may be a problem with the vehicle engine, for example, when the engine temperature is too high.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) monitors tire pressure for either the tractor, trailer, or both. Tire Pressure Monitoring requires that you install approved third-party tire pressure monitoring equipment.
  • Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts (TTIA) monitors information from third-party equipment that senses trailer tire pressure and, when necessary, automatically inflates a tire. This is called an airing event. When an airing event occurs, TTIA sends information about it to your back office. TTIA requires that you install approved third-party tire inflation equipment.

Vehicle Diagnostics on the Services Portal menu. If your company subscribes to either Fault Monitoring or TPM, the Vehicle Diagnostics category appears on your Services Portal menu. The information shown for this category depends on which applications you have.

TTIA Information from TTIA does not appear on the services portal; to receive TTIA information you must integrate your back office system with TTIA using web services. For more information about web service integration, see the Integrator's wiki.

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