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Events, Tires


Events, Tires


The Events tab changes depending on the setting of the Faults/Tires switch on the Search panel. When the switch is set to Tires, the tab shows a list of tire pressure events that meet the search criteria specified.


Understanding Tires Events Data


Each row represents a tire pressure event.




Vehicle ID
The ID you assigned to the vehicle when you configured it for the Services Portal. If you did not assign an ID, the Vehicle ID is the same as the UA.
Overall Status (Tires)
The overall status of the vehicle's tires is equal to the status of the worst tire on the vehicle. For example, if one or more tires are critical, the overall status is critical. If one or more tires are cautionary, but no tires are critical, the overall status is cautionary.
Exception Count (TPM)
The number of tires on the vehicle reporting a cautionary or critical status.
Report Reason (Tire Pressure Monitoring)
The mobile unit can send a tire pressure report for several reasons. Depending on the mobile unit's configuration, it may send a report upon Ignition On/Off, State Change, or at specified intervals (Periodic).
Vendor (Tire Pressure Monitoring)
The vendor who manufactured the tire pressure equipment that initiated the tire pressure event. If the equipment does not report a manufacturer name, the vendor shown is Doran/Other. (The Doran equipment does not report the vendor name, so th system assumes the equipment is from Doran if no name is reported.)


Working with Tires Events


How do I?
See more details for a specific event?
Click the row representing that event in the table.
Change the vehicles in the list?
Enter your search parameters in the Search panel, then click GO.
View Fault alerts?
Click Faults on the Faults/Tires switch in the Search panel.



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