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Using MS Internet Explorer

My browser automatically upgraded or is not displaying pages properly
The currently supported versions of IE are 10 and 11. If you are using an older version, please upgrade. In some cases, IE detects that the web page is not compatible with the current browser version. In this case, it displays a compatibility view icon. Click it to turn on compatibility view; the icon changes from an outline to appear filled in.

Message Notification

I'm not getting notified when I get new messages.
There is no indicator within QTRACS software that you have new messages. Use the Notifier window, which opens automatically when you log into the Services portal and checks for new messages and alerts regularly.
To hear a tone when new messages are received, you also need to click Preferences at the top of the page and then click the QTRACS tab. Under Message Notification Preferences, check Notify of return message from vehicle. For information about the other message notification options, click ? for that section.

Using the Browser Refresh Button

When I click the browser refresh button to see new messages I get an error saying it has to resend the information.

If you use the browser's Refresh button, you may see a popup Internet Explorer message stating, "The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information." It's okay to click Retry to finish refreshing the page; your messages won't be sent out again.

Seeing Items in Lists

I'm not getting new messages and positions
If you use integration and you have stopped retrieving transactions in your queue, the queue can fill up and end your transaction dequeue link. Contact Customer Support immediately.
To receive a warning before the queue fills up, click Administration at the top of the page. Click the Integration tab, then click General Integration Settings. Add one or more users to receive high-priority notification when the number of queued transactions reaches a warning threshold or the queue becomes full.Acces

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