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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Finding the Nearest Vehicle

The Proximity search lets you find vehicles near other vehicles or landmarks.

Use this search when you need to locate:

  • The closest vehicle(s) to a disabled vehicle
  • The closest vehicle(s) to a shipper or other landmark

The information below your name on the right tells you which assets you are authorized to view based on group membership, and which are currently selected. Click the linked text to change the viewed assets, if you are a member of more than one coverage and/or global group.

  1. Click Vehicles
  2. Click Proximity
  3. Type the number of vehicles to find
  4. Type the distance to use as a radius when the search is performed
  5. Choose a reference point, which is the starting point for your query
    • If you click landmark, the Select a landmark dialog opens. Enter search criteria to locate the landmark to use, then click the Landmark Name
    • If you click vehicle, the Select a Vehicle dialog opens. Locate the vehicle and click its ID
    • If you click address, type the address or geographical coordinates
  6. Type or select a coverage, if desired
  7. Click Search.

Proximity Search Results

Your search results display in a list and on a map and include only selected vehicles you are authorized to view.

Red icons appear in the map for vehicles and green icons appear for landmarks. Click the vehicle ID or an icon on the map (vehicle or landmark) to see more information.

  • Click a column to sort the list: distance (default) or vehicle ID
  • To send a message to a vehicle, click its ID or icon to view its information.
  • Click Send Message
  • To view vehicle or position details, click the ID or position in the information window
  • To search for other vehicles, change the criteria and click Search
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