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Additional Message Info


The Additional Message Info pop-up window provides detailed message information typically used for troubleshooting data exchange problems.

Global Message Handle
A unique number assigned to each message that does not change.
The priority assigned to the message. See the full list of priority codes
Times to transmit
The number of times the NOC attempted to transmit the message. NOC Default means that the default number of times was used. A number in this field means that an external application overrode the default.
Macro number
The number assigned to the macro message.
Return receipt
Whether a return receipt was requested when the message was sent.
Reply to
If specified, the person or group to whom a reply message was routed.
Message type
Identifies the type of message: text or binary.
Macro version
The version number of the macro message. The version number changes each time the macro is modified.
The ID(s) of the user or vehicle to whom the message was addressed.
The type of message: forward, return, or local.
Host message number that identifies the message transaction in QTRACS. The message to each recipient is assigned a unique number.
Hub Ref #
The General Forward Message Number (GFMN) that identifies all forward messages, or the General Return Message Number (GRMN) that identifies all return messages. Support personnel might ask you for this number to troubleshoot messaging problems.
Reply to GFMN
The number assigned to a message that is a reply to a forward message.
Comp Sts
The message completion status. OK means the message transmission was successful. If a code displays, roll your cursor over the code number to see the error text.
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