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Set Up Roles and Users

Users you create in the Customer Portal will also be auto created for you in the Services Portal, but roles and capabilities from the Customer Portal do not transfer to the Services Portal. You will need to create Services Portal specific roles and assign those roles to your users. There are three tasks, which should be completed in this order:

  • Set up Roles: Create roles like Dispatcher, Maintenance, or Safety Manager based on groups of user permissions. Ensure those roles include all application-specific permissions required to access and use each application.
  • Defaults for New Users: Identify the default role and preferences assigned during new user creation.
  • Set up Users: Most of your users will be created through the Customer Portal but you will need to review these auto-created users to ensure they were created correctly and to adjust roles as needed. If you plan to use integration or are not enabled for single sign on, you will need to create new users in the Services Portal.
  1. Log in to the Customer Portal using the credentials supplied by your Customer Experience Representative (CER), then select Services Portal at the top of the home page.
  2. Select Administration at the top of the page. The three tasks appear as sub-tabs under the Users tab.

    Users tab
  3. Complete each task in the order listed above (Set Up Roles, Defaults for New Users, Set Up Users). Refer to the online help and your CER for assistance.
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