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Set Up Drivers


You must create drivers in QTRACS so they can log into the mobile devices in their vehicles. Drivers must log in to use applications and record electronic logs.

If you wish to assign endorsements or limitations, or want customized fields, such as driver uniforms, you can set them up in QTRACS Company Settings.

To add new drivers

Note: Driver ID, Driver login name, First name, Last name, and Driver login are required fields. If you enter the CDL # for your driver, the issuing country and state/province is required.

Note: If you are licensed for Performance Monitoring, the Performance Monitoring password field is also required and each driver must have a unique password for Performance Monitoring. The Performance Monitoring password can be the same as the Driver login password.

Note: If you are licensed for Hours of Service (HOS) the entity maintenance bridge (EMB) is enabled by default for your company and will attempt to automatically create drivers in HOS based on the new drivers your create in QTRACS. You will be notified via an Alert in your notifier if the EMB fails to create the drivers in HOS.

  1. In the QTRACS application, click the Drivers tab.
  2. Click Bulk Import.
  3. Read the information on the overview tab to understand the process then click Sample.
  4. Choose whether you want to download a basic or advanced spreadsheet. The attributes included are shown on the screen and update dynamically as you switch between the two options. Review the included attributes and select the set that works best for your needs.
  5. Ensure the option to download a few rows of sample date is selected.
  6. Click Generate Sample. It typically takes a minute or less for the spreadsheet to be generated. A yellow asterisk appears next to Reports in the banner when the spreadsheet is ready to be downloaded.
  7. In the banner, click Reports then click the CSV icon to download the sample spreadsheet.
  8. Fill out the spreadsheet following the sample data to fill in the information for your drivers then save the spreadsheet to your computer.
  9. Click Import
  10. Click Choose File and navigate to where you saved the spreadsheet on your computer and select it then click Submit.
  11. Click Results and verify the drivers were created successfully. If not, click the hyperlinked error number to view the errors, make the corrections to your spreadsheet, and redo steps 9 and 10.
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