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Plan Vehicle Message Groups


Vehicle message groups are groups of vehicles, allowing you to send broadcast transmissions to an entire group with one message instead of having to individually send to each vehicle. Coverage groups can be designated as vehicle message groups.

Vehicle message groups use a group message ID number that is assigned by Omnitracs. A company is assigned 10 ID numbers when it receives its account. Additional group numbers can be requested if needed.

  1. Identify vehicle message groups you need that are not already members of a coverage group.
  2. Create message groups:
    1. In QTRACS Setup, click Vehicle Message Groups.
    2. Click Create Vehicle Message Group.
    3. Click Save and Add Vehicles.... You’ll add vehicles later.
    4. Type the vehicle Id in the vehicle ID field or click the magnifying glass button to select from a list of your vehicles.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Continue adding vehicles until complete.

When you create a new vehicle message group, QTRACS assigns it the next available group ID number. If you have no remaining numbers or have a pending request for an additional number, a message window pops ups and explains how to proceed.

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