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Plan Vehicle Coverage


Every vehicle is required to be assigned a coverage, which can be a user or group of users (address list). Messages sent from a vehicle are sent to its assigned coverage.

If you have a small fleet and do not need a coverage, Omnitracs recommends you create a user and name it "Fleet" or "All Users" and assign it as the coverage for all your vehicles.

  1. Identify the vehicles and coverage assignment. Determine what address lists you need to create. Adjust user roles as necessary.
  2. Create address lists:
    1. Click Select Other at the top of the page and click QTRACS.
    2. Click Setup. The Set Up Address Lists page opens.
    3. Click Create Address List and complete the information, adding users from the right to the Users in list box.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Create the Coverage:
    1. Click Coverages.
    2. Click Create Coverage.
    3. Enter the User ID or Address List that will serve as the coverage. Click the magnifying glass button to see a list of users or address lists to select from.
    4. Click Add Vehicles.
    5. Enter the vehicle ID in the text field or click the magnifying glass button to see a list of vehicles to select from.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Repeat as necessary to add additional vehicles. You must add vehicles one by one.

Note: If you installed any mobile units prior to creating coverages, you will need to manually edit the coverage for each vehicle a mobile unit was installed in.

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