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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

View Vehicle Performance

The Vehicles - Performance tab lets you look at an extract record for the selected, authorized vehicle. icon_summary.png indicates a summary extract that does not contain speed/RPM matrix data. You can:

  • Click the linked date criteria to list performance data for a different date range. Click Search after changing it.
  • Click Dashboard icon_db_link (1).gif to open the dashboard and view the performance data for the selected vehicle and date range.
  • Click a performance record date range to view its details.

Performance record details open in a pop-up window. At the top you see the driver and vehicle; click edit next to the driver to change to a different driver.

You also see start/end dates and extraction date, and the record status:

  • Not reviewed-the record has not been specified as valid or invalid. The data is included in reports and charts.
  • Valid-the record is reviewed and is valid. The data is included in reports and charts.
  • Invalid-the record does not contain valid performance data and is not included in reports and charts.

After reviewing the record, click confirm valid or confirm invalid as appropriate.

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