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View Vehicle Information

The top, left panel of the Vehicles page shows extract status at a glance. You can see the last extract date, time, and completion status. You can view and edit the next scheduled extract date and time (requires permission to edit).

A summary of pending and failed vehicle extracts for selected authorized vehicles from the last completed cycle appears. Click the linked number to view the corresponding pending or failed extracts. The list refreshes with the selected, authorized failed vehicles. Click Request extract to resend the extract request to all listed vehicles.

You can filter the list of vehicles that appears.

Vehicles - General

The Vehicles - General tab shows vehicle registration, extract and parameter status, and life-to-date details for the selected, authorized vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Information

Lists the vehicle ID, the serial number of the mobile hardware, and the vehicle name. Also lists the vehicle manager or management group and the vehicle type. When a vehicle's ID or name is edited in QTRACS software, the Performance Monitoring vehicle record is updated.
To change the name in Performance Monitoring, or update the manager or vehicle type, click edit. Change the information and click save.
If you change the name in Performance Monitoring, it does not change it in the QTRACS vehicle record. If the vehicle name is later updated in QTRACS software, the Performance Monitoring vehicle name does not change.

Extract Status

The status of the last extract: icon_greenlight.gif Success, Pending, or icon_redlight.gif Failure (see error codes below). Click Request Extract to perform a manual extraction for the selected vehicle. In the pop-up window, select whether you want to perform a full or summary extract and click Submit.

Mobile Parameter Status

The status of the last vehicle type and fleetwide overrange parameter resets: icon_greenlight.gif Success, Pending, or icon_redlight.gif Failure. Click Resend Parameters to resend failed vehicle type and/or fleetwide overrange parameters to the selected vehicle, then click Submit.
When you resend parameters, if the selected vehicle's fleetwide overrange parameter reset date is older than the most recent update, fleetwide overrange parameters are sent. Resending parameters also results in a full extract.

Error codes

Hover mouse over icon_redlight.gif to see code:

  • 01 Undeliverable, vehicle not defined, etc.
  • 02 Vehicle type is reserved
  • 03 Vehicle is not a valid vehicle entity or request cancelled
  • 04 Request ignored
  • 12 Unknown destination
  • 13 Equipment mismatch or service not available
  • 14 Unknown macro number
  • 15 Incorrect macro version
  • 20 Duplicate sequence number
  • 21 Unable to queue for transmission
  • 22 Invalid character in text
  • 97 Unknown error code returned from NMC
  • 99 General error: Unit not working properly, invalid binary extract return packet, or unit not owned by company.

Life-to-Date Details

You enter a vehicle's life-to-date information when you register the vehicle in Performance Monitoring. Accumulated data is updated after every extract to show total life-to-date vehicle metrics. To adjust initial and/or accumulated values, click Edit.

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