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Omnitracs Tax Manager 3.0 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the OT1 Tax Manager 3.0 release will be available soon.

This release includes feature enhancements and software corrections.


Feature Enhancements

Support for Virginia IFTA Jurisdiction

Tax Manager now supports Virginia jurisdiction for IFTA reporting. This would facilitate in easy tax filing for customers that have IFTA reportable vehicles with Virginia as the reporting jurisdiction.

The application has been updated to allow customers to select Virginia jurisdiction where necessary and to retrieve relevant information to continue with the filing process smoothly.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
TM-4014 The rows in the Tax Manager reports were not ordered by jurisdiction and/or vehicle ID earlier. This release fixes the issue by sorting the rows in the ascending order of jurisdiction and/or by vehicle ID. Tax Manager
TM-4187 The Oregon Highway Usage Tax (OR HUT) official filing report was not displaying the correct odometer values for the filing period, which has now been fixed. The starting and ending odometer values now correspond to the filing period accurately. Tax Manager
TM-4189 An error was displayed when the user tried to enter distance data that is more than 1 year old. However, the issue has been fixed to be able to enter the data that is up to 3 years old. Tax Manager
TM-4157 The surcharge column in the Tax Manager reconciliation report had values rounded off to two decimal places which has now been fixed to display the rate as is, in four decimal places. Tax Manager


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