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OT1 Tax Manager 3.1 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the OT1 Tax Manager 3.1 release will be available on May 26, 2023.

This release includes feature enhancements and some bug fixes.


Feature Enhancements

Support for Connecticut Highway Use Tax/Mileage Tax

Per the recent regulatory update, Connecticut has introduced a Highway Use Fee on carriers for the privilege of operating, or causing to be operated, certain heavy, multi-unit motor vehicles on any highway (i.e., public road) in Connecticut.
(More details on the official website- Highway Use Fee (

The Tax Manager product is now enhanced to support the managing and filing of highway use taxes for the Connecticut jurisdiction. This would facilitate in easy filing of mileage taxes for customers that have vehicles operating and using the Connecticut highways during the month.
(CT HUT taxes to be filed on a monthly basis).

The application has been updated to allow customers to select Connecticut HUT option where necessary and to retrieve relevant information to continue with the filing process smoothly.



The feature enhancement allows you to readily view and download the Connecticut HUT report
in the required CSV format.


This downloaded CSV file will have to be used to complete the payment and filing process on the official CT portal.



Software Corrections

(I)        Incorrect totals in certain reports – This release fixes issues pertaining to IFTA reports that had issues with displaying the proper sum totals in the appropriate fields although individual rows had the right data, and the calculations were right.

Work Item Number Issue Component
TM-4296 Fixed the issue where sometimes the first page totals of the North Carolina IFTA report, was not matching the sum of the columns on the page. Tax Manager
TM-4299 Fixed the issue where Newfoundland and Labrador/Nova Scotia IFTA report totals were not adding up with the sum of the columns. Tax Manager
TM-4300 Fixed an issue where Connecticut, Delaware, and New Hampshire's IFTA filing displays total due as "NAN". Now it has been fixed such that the total due row has the result of the tax calculation and if there is no data for the row it would be marked as zero. Tax Manager


(II)        IFTA reports format issues – This release fixes all the IFTA report format specific issues and certain UI changes to avoid ambiguities.

Work Item Number Issue Component
TM-4297 Fixed the issue where British Columbia/Georgia/Idaho/Illinois/Kentucky/Oregon IFTA reports showed double rows for non IFTA jurisdictions. Tax Manager
TM-4298 Fixed the issue where Kentucky/New Brunswick/New Jersey/New York/Oregon/Pennsylvania/South Dakota/Texas IFTA filing was displaying the non-IFTA jurisdiction miles under the IFTA miles. Tax Manager
TM-4301 Fixed an issue where the ‘State’ was corresponding to the filing jurisdiction instead of the company's address. Now, the jurisdiction corresponds to the one that the company has setup in the Tax Account. Tax Manager
TM-4302 Fixed a UI issue where Prince Edward Island filing report was displaying irrelevant button icons. Tax Manager
TM-3252 Fixed an issue where Nebraska/New Jersey/Ohio filing generated a surcharge row for non-IFTA jurisdiction. Tax Manager


(III)        Mileage Calculation errors – This release fixes the MPG calculation and display related issues for a couple of IFTA forms.

Work Item Number Issue Component
TM-3249 Fixed the issue where the Massachusetts/Michigan IFTA reports has the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) displayed correctly on the individual columns but incorrectly on the MPG (E) field on the top of the report. Tax Manager
TM-3247 Fixed the issue where the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) in the Arkansas report is calculated with the distance and fuel of IFTA jurisdictions only rather than the basis of total fuel and distance for all jurisdictions. Tax Manager


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