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Vehicles with Failed Status for Delivery

Vehicles with Failed Status for Delivery

The Vehicles with Failed Status for Delivery page shows the vehicles assigned to this delivery for which delivery was attempted but failed.

Vehicle ID
Your company's commonly-used identifier for the vehicle, such as the truck number. You specify the Vehicle ID when you set up the truck in QTRACS.
Vehicle UA
The serial number of the Omnitracs mobile unit on the vehicle. UA stands for Unit Address.
Reason (Reason code, Error code)
The reason the delivery has the indicated status, such as failed, pending, and so forth. The most common reason codes are:
  • 004, 005, and 007: The delivery is still in process.
  • 100: The unit is not able to display this type of content. For example, this code appears if you attempt to send a video to an MCP100 because the MCP100 does not support videos.
  • 101: The unit has already received this content.

If other reason codes appear, try re-sending the content. If it continues to fail, contact Omnitracs technical support.


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