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Settings/Categories Page

Settings/Categories Page

This page allows you to create or edit file categories.

Understanding the Settings/Categories page

Category (of delivery)
A way to subdivide your deliveries by general content or purpose. Examples: Safety, Company Announcement, Payroll.
Description (of delivery)
Optional text to add more information about the delivery than what is specified in the Subject field.
The date you created this group.
Actions (for a list of items)
In a list of items, a column containing clickable icons for taking actions on the item in that row. Typical actions include deleting and editing.
Add Category
Click to create a new category.

How Do I . . . ?

Create a new category?
Click Add Category and supply the requested information.
Edit an existing category?
Click the pencil icon in the Actions column.
Delete a category?
Click the red X icon in the Actions column.
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