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Best Practices for Creating Media Manager Content

Best Practices for Creating Media Manager Content

Video files (WMV)

  • Film in a quiet environment with no interruptions.
  • If filming a speaker, have the speaker wear a microphone for best audio results.
  • Test the playability and quality of the video by playing it through Windows Media Player on your computer.

Audio files (MP3, OGG, or WMA)

  • Record in a quiet room with no interruptions.
  • Don't leave long silences at the beginning or end of the recording.
  • Don't make reference to the file creation date/time, for example, "Hi, this is Mr. Smith, and it's 4:30 on Wednesday. Thanks for your hard work last month." By the time drivers access the file, a time reference may be confusing.
  • Preview the recording before you upload it to verify the sound quality and volume.

Documents (PDF)

  • Scanned paper forms: ensure the scanner lens is clean and free of scratches.
  • Training/company information: use a template with a page width of 5" and use large fonts. 16pt is recommended.



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