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Add or Edit Group

Add or Edit Group

This popup allows you to create a new group.

Adding a Group

Group Name
Type a name that describes the group you are creating.
Type a description that will help you identify the purpose and/or composition of this group.
Vehicle(s) / Add
Click to add vehicles to this new group.
Vehicle(s) / Remove All
Click to remove all vehicles listed below from this group.
Click to discard this new group without saving.
Click to save the new group with the name, description, and vehicles listed.

Understanding the Vehicle List
The vehicle list displays the vehicles to be assigned to the new group you are creating.

Vehicle UA
The serial number of the Omnitracs mobile unit on the vehicle. UA stands for Unit Address.
Vehicle ID
Your company's commonly-used identifier for the vehicle, such as the truck number. You specify the Vehicle ID when you set up the truck in QTRACS.
Actions (for a list of items)
In a list of items, a column containing clickable icons for taking actions on the item in that row. Typical actions include deleting and editing.

How do I . . . ?

Add a vehicle to this new group?
Click Vehicle(s) Add
Remove a vehicle from the new group?
In the row for that vehicle, click the red X in the Actions column.



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