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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Vehicle Distance Details


The Vehicle Distance Details report shows miles (km) driven by duty status over a specified time period. 

Note: Manually entered distances are not included in the report.

Generating the Report

  1. Select the Reports tab top open the Reports window.
  2. Select Vehicle Distance Details. The report parameters window opens.
  3. Type in the Tractorid.
  4. Click in the Start Date and End Date fields to open a pop-up calendar and select the date range for the report.
  5. Select a report format from the drop-down list. You can view, export, and/or print your report in one of the following formats:
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XML
  1. Select View Report to generate the report.

Note: When the distance and location (of city, state) are specified via a manual edit from the Driver Details page, this manually entered data does not show up in the report.

Sample Report


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