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Sensor Failures: Depot Analysis

You are now viewing sensor failure events for the depot and date range you selected. The depot name and date range is listed above the table.

Click a table column heading to sort by that column. The table lists:

Driver Last name, First name, and driver ID of the driver who had the sensor failure
Event Type Type of event - Sensor Failure
Duration How long the event occured
Event Time The date and time the event began
TOTAL Totals number of hours in sensor failure for that depot

Click export to export this data to Microsoft Excel.
Click a driver name to drill down and see the complete list of sensor failures for that driver.
Click Event Time to see the sensor failure event as it appears (as a dark red bar) in that driver's log.
Click Backto return to the list of sensor failures across depots. You can then select a different depot to view, or change the date range.

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