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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Create a Driver

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. Click Driver.
  3. From the Depot drop-down list, select the depot to which the driver is assigned.
  4. From the Driver drop-down list, select New Driver (default selection).
  5. Enter the following information:
    1. Type the Driver ID assigned to the driver by your company. This number MUST match the number assigned to this driver in the QTRACS application.
    2. Type the password the driver uses to log in to the mobile unit.
    3. As applicable, select the driver's US duty cycle (7 or 8 days) and Canada duty cycle (7 or 14 days).
    4. Assign a Current rule set to the driver: USA, CAN Main or CAN North, or the specific state rule set (CA, FL, TX, AK).
    5. Select an Allow off-duty driving option.

      Click here for more information about off-duty driving.

    6. Select whether this driver can use the 24-hour reset.

      This field appears only if the 24-hour reset is enabled in Administration > HOS Setup.

    7. If this driver works under oil field regulations, select Yes for Allow Well Site Wait Time.

      This field appears only if the oil field feature is enabled in Administration > HOS Setup.

    8. If this driver carries hazmat loads and qualifies under federal regulations to take On-Duty rest breaks, select Yes for Allow Hazmat Loads.

      The driver must be assigned the U.S. rule set.

      This field appears only if the Hazmat Loads feature is enabled in Administration > HOS Setup.

    9. Type the driver's First name and Last name.
    10. From the Assign/change depot drop-down list, select the driver's assigned depot.

      It defaults to the depot selection at the top of the page.

    11. From the Assign/change Carrier drop-down list, optionally select the current carrier that this driver is working for.

      This can be changed at any time.

      After you select a carrier, you can no longer select --No Carrier--. You may need to create a carrier called "No Carrier", or create a carrier with your company name, if you need to clear the carrier assignment at times.

    12. From the Groups list, optionally select the groups the driver belongs to.

      To select multiple groups, hold down the CTRL key while clicking.

  6. Click the Save button.
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