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Hours of Service 5.8 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

Webservices Request Fields

Hours of Service has added the functionality to nullify a few fields using Webservices. This is determined by the presence of the tag used in the request.

Below you will find the Webservices request fields that have been changed:

  • Update Vehicle Family of Webservices: PlateNumber, Group, Alias, VIN
  • UpdateDriverEx Webservice: CDL, CDL State

There are three use cases - here we will be using VIN as an example.

  1. Omit the tag completely i.e. no <VIN> tag in the request: Then no changes to VIN are made.
  2. Specify an empty tag <VIN/> or <VIN>: In this scenario, VIN is nullified in the database.
  3. Specify the value in the tag: It is updated to whatever value is in the request.

If a tag is left empty in your request, it will nullify the entire column.

ERODS User List

The ERODS User list section now contains all the Drivers and Support (with First and LAST Names).


  • There is now a way to clear the Plate Number field if unwanted text appears.
  • When a driver is created in QTRACS and CDL info is entered and later that driver’s name is changed, the CDL info will remain with that driver’s new name.
  • You are now able to swap Yard Move events from one driver to another.
  • The correct pre-defined remarks are now displayed for their corresponding duty statuses.
  • Driver Hours in web services is enhanced to now include an 8-hour rest break clock.
  • Running the Diagnostics and Malfunctions report will return data for the date range specified.
  • ELD Clock In/Clock Out fields are no longer missing from event reports.
  • Running the Rejected Edit report for an individual driver now runs properly.
  • Edit and start times in the Edit Audit Report are shown in Driver's current time zone.
  • When renaming a vehicle, you can now properly remove or change the VIN and Plate Number fields for the new vehicle.
  • When updating a vehicle, it is now possible to remove all groups associated with a vehicle if one or more exists.
  • Odometer jump data is retained and readable even when the tractor ID has been changed.



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