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Hours of Service 5.7 Release Notes

Patch 5.7.141

For the August 2018 patch release, the following updates were made.

  • The Edit Audit Report may now be generated as CSV and Excel formats.
  • Fixed ERODS file transmission edge cases.
  • Prior to this release, if drive time were reassigned to an ELD driver who was on rest break exemption (RBE) during the time covered by the reassigned drive segment, the segment didn’t have the RBE flag and created a non-RBE drive segment in the middle of RBE events. ELD drivers are affected because drive time that accumulates on or for an ELD driver cannot be edited, only reassigned. Now, the RBE flag is applied to the drive time when it is reassigned.

Patch 5.7.116

For the July 2018 patch release, the following updates were made.


This patch replaces the Edited Data report with Edit Audit report. This new report allows customers to view edited logs by individual driver or by driver group for a specified date range. The report may be filtered to display the full audit trail, only edits that were made by the back office but are not acknowledged by drivers, or only edits rejected by drivers.

  • The Rejected Edit report has been updated to no longer display accepted events as rejected.
  • The Personal Conveyance and Yard Move reports have been updated to be consistent with all other reports and display the driver name and group selection as all other reports do.
  • Data that was previously displayed on the Edited Data report is incorporated into the Edit Audit report and properly displays driver IDs for edited logs, and when run by driver group, accurately indicates which drivers made those edits.

Be aware that if a report is run against a large data set, the report may take over a minute to run or time out (fail). If the report times out, run the report for a smaller data set (fewer days or fewer drivers/vehicles).


Main Release - Overview

For information on new and existing features or procedures, refer to the online help.

Features and Enhancements

Prior to this release, the only ways to end a Yard Move duty status were a power cycle of the in-cab unit or manually selecting another duty status. Now the Hours of Service application may be configured so that yard move ends based on a speed threshold of 20 MPH, 32 km/h. When that speed is reached, the driver is moved into the Drive duty status automatically. This optional feature is set on the Administration > HOS Setup page and may be set to trigger based on a power cycle, the speed threshold, or both. Drivers may still manually reset the duty status.


To implement this feature, companies must ensure that their IVGs and MCPs are upgraded to the minimum firmware version that recognizes this trigger:

  • MCP110/MCP200 - AA1679R
  • MCP50 - CA1376R
  • IVG - DA0806R

Though the FMCSA now allows the automatic move to Drive from Yard Move based on both speed and a geofence, only speed is supported.


  • The Hours of Service host application no longer reports rest break exemption violations if a driver edits logs on the in-cab unit while the driver is still under the exemption.
  • Superfluous On Duty statuses are no longer listed on the Unassigned Driving report.
  • Performance enhancements were made to ELD Driver Log report.
  • The Vehicle Summary page now displays the unit’s AOBRD / ELD status correctly.
  • Failed calls to the Add Vehicles web service no longer set ELD mode to TRUE.
  • Odometer values associated with Personal Conveyance events now show for Canadian-mode Driver Log reports only.



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