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Hours of Service 5.9 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

Logs are now sent to drivers more quickly. Drivers should see an improvement upon initial login and when you push logs to the driver.


  • Previously, when customers ran the Malfunctions and Sensor Failures report against ALL groups, they’d see only alerts that were generated on an ELD while a driver was logged in. Now the report returns all alerts that were generated on an ELD, including those generated while no driver was logged in, and lists the driver name as UNASSIGNED for those no-driver events.
  • The ExportDRiverLog web service is corrected so that load information now displays as seen on Driver Details.
  • The stored procedures that run the Edit Audit report have been updated to return a larger data set. This means that the report should generate instead of the page freezing after submitting the request.
  • The ELD Driver Log report incorrectly showed drivers as being ELD Exempt on the first day of the report time frame and failed to credit the driver as being exempt on the first day after the driver was made exempt. This has been corrected.
  • CDL and CDLState attributes may now be cleared through web services as follows:



    The parameter CDL is a string and may be cleared by a NULL. The parameter CDLState is an ENUM and cannot have a NULL value. Instead, use the case-sensitive value "Clear" .



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