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Create Driver and Vehicle Groups

Groups are used to segregate your fleet when you run reports in HOS. Most reports are run against drivers, so we’ll create a driver group.

Because you can’t delete drivers from the HOS application, you need a way to hide inactive drivers when you run reports. You should create at least two driver groups- one for active drivers and one for terminated or inactive drivers.

To create a driver group:

  1. Click the Administration tab; then click Group.
  2. Ensure Driver group is selected. In the drop-down lists, select Global Groups for the Depot and New Group for the Group.
  3. Type your group name.
  4. If you created drivers, they appear in the Available members list. Select a driver, then click Add. You can select multiple drivers at one time by holding the CTRL key while selecting driver names.
  5. When you are done selecting members, click Save.
  6. You can create a group for your inactive drivers just as you did for your active drivers.

To create a vehicle group, select Vehicle group and follow the same steps.

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