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Configure Vehicles in HOS

Vehicles are first created and configured in QTRACS and that information is then automatically passed to HOS. If you have not already done so, return to the QTRACS section for information on how to create vehicles in QTRACS. Once your vehicles have been created in QTRACS, you need to verify the information was successfully passed to HOS and adjust some settings that are added or modified only in the HOS application. 

Note: If you need to edit or update a driver’s details, be sure to make your edits in QTRACS and those changes will be passed to hours of service automatically. If you make the edit in HOS, it WILL NOT be passed to QTRACS. It may take a few minutes after creating or editing a driver in QTRACS before the information is passed to HOS.

Note: With ELD you will need to provide the VIN and plate number even though those fields are not currently required.

  1. From within HOS, click the Administration tab; then click Vehicle.
  2. Ensure the information passed correctly from QTRACS. Be aware that HOS uses slightly different terminology for some fields.
    • Comm unit # in HOS is equivalent to Serial Number or UA in QTRACS.
    • Tractor ID in HOS is equivalent to Vehicle ID in QTRACS.
    • Vehicle alias in HOS is equivalent to Vehicle name in QTRACS.
  3. Choose the depot to assign the vehicle to from the drop-down list. QTRACS does not use depots so all vehicles initially created in QTRACS get assigned to the default "Depot" when passed from QTRACS to HOS.
  4. If you created groups as suggested earlier in the process, you will want to add the vehicle to the active group and any other groups that are relevant to that vehicle.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat as necessary for the remaining vehicles in your fleet.

You also need to ensure all of your mobile units are in an operational profile enabled for HOS. For more information see the Create and Manage Operational Profiles section.

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