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View a Vehicle Summary

You can see a summary of recent activity for a vehicle or vehicles, including last position time, last message time, and unassigned driving time.

  1. Click the Vehicles tab.
  2. Select an option:
    • All: All vehicles in the fleet with duty status logs (events) starting with the From date.
    • Depot: Vehicles in the depot you select from the drop-down list that appears.
    • Vehicle Group: Vehicles in the group you select from the drop-down list that appears.
    • Vehicle: A specific vehicle you select from the drop-down list that appears. The drop-down list contains all vehicles in your default depot.
    • Search: Type a vehicle ID or part of an ID, and click Go.
  3. To further refine the vehicle list to display only those with assignable events for a date range you define, set the filters as desired, then click Go.
    • Unassigned Driving Events: List vehicles with duty status records with no active driver logged in and the vehicle was moving.
    • Unknown Driver Events: List vehicles with duty status records and notes created by a driver whose authentication failed, such as a bad driver ID or password, and the vehicle was moving. Unknown driver events were recorded while authentication was pending, for example, while the vehicle was out of coverage or had an antenna problem.
    • Assigned Driving Events: List vehicles that had unassigned drive time credited to drivers.
    • Within Date Range: Click calendar icon to select a From and To date. The date defaults to the date last used.
  4. View the summary for the selected vehicle(s). You can:
    • Click a driver's name to see driver details.
    • Click the tractor ID and select a time period from the drop-down list to view details about driving time including start time, duration, and position.

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