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Vehicles: View List of Vehicles

This Vehicles page displays a list of vehicles based on your selected filters and the current driver hours for each vehicle. The data changes each time the driver sends a status change, and may occur while you are viewing the page. To view current information, press F5.

Click a radio button to list a vehicle or group of vehicles:

  • All: List all vehicles with duty status logs (events) starting with the From date.
  • Depot: Select a depot in the drop-down list to list vehicles in the depot.
  • Vehicle Group: Select a vehicle group in the drop-down list to list vehicles in the group.
  • Vehicle: Select a vehicle from a list of all vehicles in the default depot.
  • Search: Type all or part of a vehicle ID and click Go.
Filter Vehicles
Click a check box to list only those vehicles with assignable events for the specified date range. If you change the date range, click the Go button.
  • Unassigned Driving Events: List vehicles with duty status records where there is no active driver logged in and the vehicle was moving.
  • Unknown Driver Events: List vehicles with duty status records and notes created by a driver whose authentication failed (such as a bad driver ID or password) and the vehicle was moving or while authentication was pending (for example, the vehicle was out of coverage or had an antenna problem).
  • Assigned Driving Events: List vehicles that had unassigned drive time credited to drivers.
  • Within Date Range: Displays the date last used. Click the calendar icon to select a From and To date.
Vehicle List Table
The total number of vehicles listed in the table based on your filter settings is displayed above the table. Click any column except Last Position to sort the list of vehicles that displays.
Click the Tractor ID number to open Vehicle Details and view a list of duty status changes for the driver and co-driver.
  • Vehicle ignition on icon indicates the vehicle's ignition is on.
  • Failure indicates the vehicle has been out of coverage for more than 90 minutes, and/or has not obtained a GPS position for 120 minutes.
  • sensor failure indicates the vehicle is currently in a sensor failure. Hover your cursor over the icon to see the type of sensor failure.
Plate Number
The tractor's license plate, required in Canada. Column appears only if you are configured to operate in Canada.
Comm Unit # [Alias]:
The vehicle's mobile unit serial number (SN) also known as Unit Address (UA). The vehicle alias appears in brackets, if assigned. Click the Comm Unit number to see the unit history. You can determine whether this vehicle ever had a different mobile unit (Comm Unit Number or UA) assigned to it.
Name and ID of the logged in driver and co-driver, if any. Click the driver/co-driver name to open Driver Details and see a list of the driver's duty status changes.
Last Position / Last Position Time
The vehicle's latest position information and date/time of the last position. Hover over the position text to see the latitude and longitude.
Last Message Time
The date/time of the last message from the vehicle.
Assignable Events
The total number of Unassigned Driving (Unassigned Driving Event icon) and/or Unknown Driver (Unknown Driver Events icon) events for the vehicle during the specified date range. After assignable events have been assigned, these icons no longer appear.
Assignable Event Time
The sum of all time for the vehicle's assignable events during the specified date range.
Device Mode
Shows the mode of your device: AOBRD, AOBRD Mode, or ELD. AOBRD Mode indicates a unit with ELD firmware that is still running as an AOBRD.
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