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Odometer Configuration

The Odometer Configuration page allows you to send specific odometer settings to the selected vehicle(s).

Do not configure electronic odometers for vehicles that are enabled for Performance Monitoring (SensorTRACS).  indicates a required field.

Select the depot of the vehicle to configure.
Select the vehicle to configure.
Configure All Vehicles in Depot
Check to apply the specified odometer values to all of the vehicles in the selected depot.
Sensor type
Click the type of sensor the vehicle uses; either J1708 or Axle. If Axle is selected, RPM calibration and Speed calibration are available as further means of determining odometer readings.
RPM calibration
The number of pulses per revolution, 1-255 (applicable only for Axle sensors).
Speed Calibration
The number of pulses per mile, 1-32767 (applicable only for Axle sensors).

Note: These values do not reflect the current values on the MCT/IMCT/ME-IMCT even after you click Send. You are sending the values; you are not retrieving them from the mobile unit.

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