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Depot Administration

Use Depot Administration to create, modify, and delete depots. A depot is the home base for associated drivers. Vehicles and web application users are also assigned to depots. Be aware that the red arrow indicates a required field and spaces are not permitted at the beginning or end of any entry. 

Select the depot to view. To add a new depot, select New Depot.
Depot name
The name of the depot. You can use periods and hyphens, but no other special characters.
Depot ID
A unique number you assign from 0 - 32,767. If you do not specify a number, the system automatically assigns the lowest available number.
Depot ELD Mode
Identify if all vehicles in a specific depot are AOBRDs or ELDs.
Reinforce Depot Settings
If you make changes to what vehicles are in your depots, you should resend your AOBRD/ELD depot settings to all vehicles in the depot. Select this box and click Save.
Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal
The complete address of the depot. Use the second address line to type information such as building or suite numbers. Standard punctuation is allowed.
Time zone
This depot's time zone. This time zone applies to all drivers and HOS web application users assigned to the depot. If you change the setting, HOS web application users are affected the next time they log in.
Start of day
The DOT start of day for the depot, set to midnight (00:00 on a 24-hour clock).

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