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Driver Event - Type 616

Driver Event

(Type 616)

QTRACS supports a Global/Driver Login feature that is available on mobiles that are capable of this feature. In order to make use of this feature, the feature must be enabled at both the NMC and the QTRACS host. If the feature is enabled correctly, global login transactions will be returned from the NMC in response to periodic polling by the Communications Manager process.

QTRACS supports the routing of Driver Events to interested external applications. Each application that is defined in the QTRACS external application registry may be optionally defined to receive the Global Login Event data stream. If so defined, the Driver Event transaction will be delivered to the external application's input queue whenever a Driver event occurs. Refer to the Event Type field description for a list of the valid events that may be returned.

Global Login Event transaction format

From To Size Type Field Description
1 5 9 Packed Host Message Number (HMN)
6 8 3 Character Transaction Type = 616
9 9 1 Character Vehicle Type
10 19 10 Character Vehicle ID
20 22 3 Character Event Type
23 29 13 Packed Event Time
30 39 10 Character Driver ID
40 139 100 Character Reserved - returned as blanks

Driver Event transaction field descriptions

Field Description
Host Message Number This packed decimal field contains the unique transaction id. The HMN is a global packet handle that is used to reference a specific transaction.
Transaction Type This is the code that identifies the transaction as a Driver Event. It is a 3-character numeric field that must contain 616.
Vehicle Type This 1-character field indicates the type of entity that is reporting the global login event; where:
V owned vehicle
Vehicle Identifier This is the QTRACS entity id of the vehicle that generated the global login event.
Event Type This is the code that indicates the type of Global Login Event; where:
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