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Incident Details

The Incident Details pane shows the details for the incident selected.

At the top is basic information about the vehicle and driver, the time and speed of the incident, and more detailed event-specific information.

Below that is the State drop down control where you indicate whether or not you have reviewed the incident. You can enter notes in the Note textbox.

The remainder of the panel is divided into several tabs, depending on the incident type. Possible tabs include: Graph, HOS, Map, Videos, and History.

You can export the raw data by clicking the PDF or CSV icon at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Incident Graph Tab
    The graph shows the speed (MPH) of the truck for up to five minutes before and two minutes after the incident occurred. The moment of the incident is represented by a red line. Depending on the incident type and vehicle equipment, additional information may also be included.
  • HOS (Hours of Service) Tab
    The Hours of Service (HOS) tab lists additional information about the driver who is involved in the incident.
  • Map Tab
    The map shows the location of the truck when the incident occurred icon_shaky-truck (1).png, and the location of the vehicle when the Critical Event Report was sent icon_envelope.png.
  • Videos Tab
    The video tab allows you to view videos recorded at the time of the incident if available.
  • History Tab



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