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Camera Status Report Summary

Camera Status Report Summary

This page will help explain the different camera summaries found in the Camera Health Report.


A GOOD status is returned when a camera is actively paired to an IVG unit, and the camera is reporting it's SSID and SD card firmware version. A GOOD camera status shows that the camera is able to record and send video to the CER portal.


A BAD status is returned when the camera is actively paired to an IVG unit, and unable to provide it's SSID or SD card firmware version, or the SD card is reporting a corrupted directory or bad health check. A BAD camera status will usually indicate a issue with the camera or SD card that will prevent video from being uploaded to the CER portal.
Troubleshooting steps will include resetting the camera, replacing the SD card, or replacing the camera.


An UNKNOWN status is returned when we do not have enough data from a camera to declare either of the above statuses. This is usually because the camera is not actively paired to an IVG unit.
Typically this status will change to either GOOD or BAD once the camera is paired.




A few tips for reading the camera status report:

Export the Camera Status Report as a .csv and format it into a table by selecting the whole table and clicking CTRL-T
Look at the ones that report as “Bad” or “Unknown” in column O
If the camera is BAD or UNKNOWN, look at column H to see if the ignition is on. If the ignition is Ignition On and the camera is BAD, there definitely is a problem.
If there is no SSID in column L, then the camera is not paired, and someone will need to pair it.
If the ignition is Ignition Off, look at columns P, Q, and R to see how long the camera has been bad. If the camera has only been bad for a few hours, or the weekend, then it probably is just that the camera powered down before the IVG did when the driver turned off the truck. These can be disregarded. Unfortunately our system cannot tell the difference between the camera going bad, and the camera shutting down for the night before the IVG does.


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