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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Camera Status Report

Note: This report is available for MCP200s and MCP110s with 17XX firmware or later and IVGs with 05XX firmware or later, and is accessible to users with permission to view Critical Event Video.

The Camera Status report provides a quick snapshot of the status and health of your cameras in PDF or CSV format. A pie chart is included to show camera summary of the account.

The report includes:

  • The UA and UA firmware version the camera is paired with.
  • The ID of the vehicle the camera is installed in.
  • The Driver ID and HOS Driver Status of the vehicle.
  • The camera’s platform, SSID, firmware version, ignition status, and serial number.
  • The camera’s summary, summary duration, summary comments, and last updated time.
  • The SD card's health and last updated time.

Users select PDF or CSV format and the report provides the current health for all enabled cameras in the account.

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