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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Schedule a Report

After you have run a report and would like to schedule it to be repeated in the future, select Schedule.

The New Schedule panel will appear on the right of your screen. Use this panel and fill out the fields listed below to schedule a report to run later, either one time or recurring.

  • Schedule Name – the name you would like to give to your scheduled report.
  • Schedule Frequency – select how often you would like to schedule the report; monthly, weekly, daily, or once.
  • Reporting Period – the amount of time you would like included in the scheduled report; the last week or the last month.
  • Group Type - select the group you would like to be included in this report.
  • Group Name - select the group name you would like to be included in this report.
  • Email Subject – scheduled reports are sent as emails when they are run. Type the subject of the email that will be sent for this scheduled report.
  • Add Email Recipient – add the email addresses you would like to receive the scheduled report. Individuals or email lists can be added, and there are no limits to the number of email addresses that can be added. Recipients added will be shown in the Recipients list below.
  • Output Type – select the output type you would like the scheduled report to appear; pdf, xsls, or csv.
  • Schedule Status - Active is the default status selected when scheduling a report. You can switch the toggle off to make the scheduled report inactive if you don’t want to start running the report immediately.
Note: Only one group type and group name option can be selected per report.

When you are ready to schedule your report, select the Create button. The scheduled report will now appear in the Schedules tab.

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