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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) DA0419R External Release Notes

Hardware Requirements, Software Dependencies

This firmware release supports MCN CV90-JC339-100 and higher and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 4.2.00
  • VIOP 4.04.00

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. For stick upgrades, refer to the IVG Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for instructions.


Compatibility with Windows WEC2013 Operating System (OS) OT33 or higher.

Features and Enhancements

This release of the IVG includes the following enhancements:

  • Media Manager – Media Manager provides fleets with an easy and inexpensive way to deliver detailed information to drivers remotely through a variety of media, including audio, video, and PDF files. This state-of-the-art application helps fleets easily stay connected with drivers, which increases driver satisfaction, knowledge, safety, and performance.
  • Mobile Data Capture – Omnitracs’ Mobile Data Capture application for smart devices supports activities such as signature capture that take place outside of the vehicle. The application leverages the Omnitracs IVG to securely and efficiently transmit information without using a separate data plan.
  • NaviGo 5.5.10 by Telogis – NaviGo is a near real-time, hybrid, in-cab navigation application that provides accurate interactive maps, dynamic truck routing, and over-the-air software updates. Increased routing efficiency and improved driver satisfaction are among the benefits that NaviGo™, powered by Omnitracs partner Telogis®, can provide your fleet. NaviGo Hazmat, NaviGo Compliance, NaviGo Fuel and NaviGo Dispatch Integration are included in this release. Should be used in conjunction with 2016 Q2 map data from Telogis.
  • Omnitracs Navigation 4.3.44 – Omnitracs Navigation is a responsive truck navigation app that provides best-in-class on-board navigation, customized maps, and high-speed software updates. We also update our information on a quarterly basis, rather than the market standard of once per year. This ensures that your trucks' routes are developed based on the most recent information. You'll enjoy improved productivity and substantial cost savings, while your drivers can rest assured that they know exactly what lies ahead. Should be used in conjunction with V11 Omnitracs Navigation maps. See Omnitracs Navigation release notes for additional detail.

Fixes and Updates


After triggering a Critical Event Video event, the camera no longer intermittently disconnects when trying to transmit the video.


The cellular end-to-end connectivity diagnostic test now runs and responds with the correct status while connected to WiFi.

IVG General

  • Downloading a video from the camera no longer causes a failure due to (502) Bad Gateway error.
  • The lowest brightness setting has been lowered from 10% to 1% for night driving.
  • The home screen’s Hours of Service button is no longer labeled HOS/VIR. It is now labeled: HOS.
  • The System and Training buttons on the home screen were updated to be easier to understand.

Media Manager

Media Manager content files are downloading to the IVG as expected.


When closing NaviGo drivers are now returned to the home screen.

Performance Monitoring

  • Performance Monitoring now correctly calculates kilometers when using metric units.
  • The Overspeed label is no longer missing on the Performance Monitoring summary page.


  • By default, scans wait for 24 hours to be sent for WiFi and are sent after the hold period.
  • The In-cab Scanning document type text box now resets to the default selection after sending a scan.
  • The Scanning application's preview button is now larger and easier to select.

Terrestrial Web Browsing

The web browser no longer freezes after launching.


Speed is no longer inaccurately being reported as 158 MPH.


Text is no longer cut off on the VIR screen.

Web Browser

  • Terrestrial web browsing favorites now showing up correctly.
  • Web browser home page is now configurable.

Known Issues


The estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculated by CoPilot is not accurate. Impact: Driver needs to be aware, no workaround.


When the distance to forward vehicle information received from a Mobileye system is invalid IVG may flag false CER events.


The CEV camera may stop recording video. Impact: With camera firmware 1.018 you need to power cycle the camera. With camera firmware 1.019 the camera recovers from the error and there will be a three to four minute gap in recording.


  • When connecting to an open WiFi network with a captive portal that requires browser authentication the WiFi will timeout in two minutes if it is not authenticated. Impact: driver will need to open the browser and agree to any terms and conditions within two minutes or the IVG will switch back to terrestrial.
  • VPN may fail to connect.  Impact: When trying to use WiFi there may be a gap in communications until the VPN resets and reconnects.

IVG General

  • During a USB upgrade, the splash screen does not display and a DOS command-line window displays for a few seconds. Impact: None.
  • IVGs occasionally get stuck on the Omnitracs splash screen and don't launch applications. Impact: Unit freezes, no workaround.
  • A white or black screen may display when the IVG reboots. Impact: Driver needs to reboot the system.
  • Bluetooth connection pop-ups from OS are not suppressed. Impact: Driver must close the popups.

Media Manager

  • When adjusting the display brightness or volume with a video playing the video will be blacked out until after adjustment is finished. Impact: video will be briefly obscured.
  • Back button in the Media Manager application has a small area that needs to be pressed in order to go back. Impact: May take several tries to back out of Media Manager application.
  • Occasionally alert bubbles do not appear on the Media Manager application icon. Impact: Driver will be alerted by other alerts from the device.
  • Failed deliveries to the IVG unit may not reflect as failed deliveries on the host. Impact: Deliveries may appear in transit while they have actually failed.
  • Media Manager consumed time is not updated when an audio file is listed to while on the in motion screen. Impact: Consumed time may be incorrect.
  • IVG will reboot when trying to open large PDF files with several hundred pages. Impact: will not be able to open large files send through Media Manager.
  • Files over one hour long do not display the time correctly on the UI.
  • If the IVG tries and fails to retrieve Media Manager files several times the host may not report the delivery as failed. Impact: Reporting on the host may be incorrect.
  • Intermittently, Media Manager content does not download to the IVG. Impact: Omnitracs ETS must reset the download queue.
  • Media Manager components are caught in the file transfer system and blocks other component downloads. Impact: Media Manager deliveries and firmware updates may be delayed. Impact: To clear the issue, the IVG must have an NVRAM reset.
  • Media Manager deliveries are not prioritized over other component deliveries. Impact: Minor delay in Media Manager deliveries.
  • Scheduled Media Manager deliveries are not being honored by the mobile unit. Impact: If selecting a scheduled delivery it will not make it to the mobile unit. Only the WiFi Only or WiFi and Terrestrial should be used for Media Manager deliveries to IVG mobile units.

Omnitracs Navigation

If Omnitracs Navigation is up when ignition is turned on Omnitracs Navigation may cover the driver warning screen for a couple seconds. Impact: None.

Performance Monitoring

Due to changes on newer Freighliners, IVG may not pick up all fuel data packets. Impact: Total Engine Fuel Used may be reported incorrectly.


If workflow is disabled there will be a popup in scanning showing that there is a document type mismatch. Impact: driver will need to manually select the document type.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When the user gives the voice command Tire Status to the IVG, the reply contains some inaccuracies.

Weigh Station Bypass

A black screen overlays the driver warning screen for a couple seconds.

Web Browser

  • When launching the web browser with navigation running you will see the navigation screen while the web browser is opening. Impact: Navigation is briefly visible while the web browser is launching.
  • Device can get stuck on help menu pages and drivers aren’t able to navigate to the home page or previous pages. Impact: Driver temporarily may not be able to leave help pages.
  • The audio error popup generated while browsing to a web site is successfully suppressed.