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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) DA0516R External Release Notes

Hardware Requirements, Software Dependencies

This firmware release supports MCN CV90-JC339-100 and higher and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 5.2
  • VIOP 5.05

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. For stick upgrades, refer to the IVG Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for instructions.


Compatibility with Windows WEC2013 Operating System (OS) OT33 or higher.

Features and Enhancements

This release of the IVG includes the following enhancements:

  • Panic Button – The IVG now allows the driver to send panic messages that are escalated to the customer's emergency contact. This includes support for "stealth mode" (no indication on the IVG that a panic message has been generated) and "standard mode" that triggers a change in the LED halo to indicate a panic message has been generated.
  • Over The Air Programming (OTAP) – See separate release notes for OTAP details.
  • Omnitracs Navigation 4.4.23 – See separate release notes for Omnitracs Navigation details and updates.
  • Detroit Assurance Integration with Critical Event Reporting (CER) – CER events may now be triggered by messages from Detroit Assurance systems on P3 Daimler vehicles.

Fixes and Updates

IVG General

  • When a message is received while the vehicle is in motion, it is read aloud and the halo turns off.
  • Starting the engine is no longer required to wake up the IVG in trucks with J1939 data. The IVG will now wake up when it sees RPMs equal to or greater than 0.  When the truck’s key is turned to the ON position a RPM value of 0 will be detected and the IVG will wake up.
  • The screen now correctly dims to "night view" when wheels are in motion.

Media Manager

  • Content deliveries are now correctly retried.
  • Deleting a pending WiFi-Only delivery on the host while on terrestrial does not cancel the queued Job and it may be delivered to the mobile over WiFi.
  • If the mobile unit tries and fails to retrieve Media Manager files several times the host now accurately reflects the transmission as failed.
  • Back button in the Media Manager application is now full sized and can be easily pressed.
  • Consumed time now accurately reflects when the media was accessed on the IVG.
  • Large files (one hour + to download) now display their length correctly within the Media Manager application.
  • Media Manager no longer intermittently refuses to download content to the IVG.
  • A reboot while processing a Media Manager file no longer causes the IVG to re-download the file and consume more of the data plan.


Drivers are now returned to the home screen when closing NaviGo.

Terrestrial Web Browsing

Web browser no longer freezes after launch.

Web Browser

  • The audio error popup generated while browsing to a web site is successfully suppressed.
  • The IVG no longer gets stuck on help menu pages.

Known Issues

ALK CoPilot Truck

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculated by CoPilot is not accurate. Impact: Driver needs to be aware, no workaround.


When connecting to an open WiFi network with a captive portal that requires browser authentication, if it is not authenticated within two minutes, the WiFi times-out.  Impact: The driver needs to open the browser and agree to any terms and conditions within two minutes or the IVG will switch back to terrestrial.

Critical Event Reporting

On rare occurrences when the CEV camera stops recording due to an error, the recording will recover within 3 to 4 minutes (requires camera firmware 1.019)

Critical Event Video

The CEV camera may stop recording video.  Impact: With camera firmware 1.018 you need to power cycle the camera.  With camera firmware 1.019 the camera recovers from the error and there will be a three to four minute gap in recording.

In-Cab Scanning

If the IVG is restarted while trying to send a scanned image, the message may be deleted from the outbox and not sent to the host system.

IVG General

During a USB upgrade, the splash screen does not display and a DOS command-line window displays for a few seconds. Impact: None

Media Manager

  • Occasionally alert bubbles (number of messages waiting) do not appear on the Media Manager application icon.  Impact: Driver will be alerted by other alerts from the device.
  • Media Manager consumed time is not updated when an audio file is listened to while in motion.  Impact: Consumed time may be incorrect.
  • When adjusting the display brightness or volume while a video is playing, the video is blacked out until after adjustment is finished.  Impact: The video is briefly obscured.

Omnitracs Navigation

If Omnitracs Navigation is running when ignition is turned on, Omnitracs Navigation may cover the driver warning screen for a few seconds.  Impact: None.

Operating System

  • Bluetooth connection pop-ups from OS are not suppressed. Impact: Driver must close the popups.
  • IVGs occasionally get stuck on the Omnitracs splash screen and don't launch applications. Impact: Unit freezes, no workaround.
  • A black/blank/white screen may display after the IVG unit boots up.  Impact:  Driver may need to reset the IVG using the reset button.

Performance Monitoring

Due to changes on newer Freightliner trucks, IVGs may not pick up the Total Fuel value on the vehicle’s databus. This will mean MPG won’t be calculated correctly. A special vehicle data source configuration can be requested to correct this problem.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

When the driver gives the voice command “Tire Status” to the IVG, the reply contains inaccuracies.

Web Browser

When launching the web browser with navigation running, the driver sees the Navigation screen briefly while the web browser is opening.  Impact: Navigation is briefly visible while the web browser is launching.

Weigh Station Bypass

A black screen overlays the driver warning screen for a couple of seconds.