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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) DA0143R External Release Notes


This document describes the new or modified features of software version DA0143R for the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG).

Hardware Requirements

The software version DA0143R release supports MCN CV90-JC339-100 and higher.

Software Dependencies

The software version DA0143R is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI:  1.22
  • VIOP:  01.023 

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air.


Compatibility with Windows WEC2013 Operating System (OS) OT29 or higher.

Supported Features

Driver Login

The Driver Login service is automatically enabled (required) for Omnitracs’ applications with the exception of installation setup and checkout functions. Driver Login enables activity to be tracked to a specific driver for Hours of Service, Performance Monitoring, and other applications. Dual driver logins are supported for team drivers.

Two-Way Text and Form-Based (macro) Messaging

Two-way communications via freeform messaging and customizable forms. It includes landmark creation and management as well as dispatch integration.


Includes position tracking as frequent as every 15 minutes near real-time (mobile-initiated reports), 5 minutes breadcrumbs (batched), out of coverage position queuing QTRACS portal for viewing positions/history on a map, proximity searches, initiating a vehicle ping and running position history reports. In addition to latitude/longitude data, speed, direction, and odometer readings are also captured.


Landmark management and host-based arrival departure available through the QTRACS/Portal application.

Hours of Service

Hours of Service (HOS) electronic logging solution. It is compliant to FMCSA 49 CFR 395.15. Published documentation will indicate which state and Canadian rules are supported.

CoPilot® Truck™

With CoPilot® Truck™ navigation, drivers have constant access to reliable, detailed street maps and useful truck-specific POIs stored directly on the IVG. Fast, automatic, efficient re-route calculation with audible turn-by-turn directions is provided if a driver misses a turn.

Performance Monitoring

Driver behavior dashboards and KPI monitoring (available in the Fuel Manager part of Performance Monitoring) around fuel efficiency KPIs such as: Idle %, over speed events, mpg, over rpms, time in top gear and cruise monitoring, and speed/rpm matrix.

Driver Workflow   

Omnitracs Driver Workflow is an intuitive mobile tool that allows drivers to accept load assignments, view trip information, and interactively complete tasks with real-time communication directly back to dispatch. Workflow makes life easier for drivers by

replacing paper checklists and forms with an interactive electronic workflow that updates automatically.

Critical Event Reporting

Near real-time safety monitoring of hard-braking events and manual triggers. Lane Departure, Roll Stability, and Forward Collision Warning/Following Time Violation are additional events offered with third-party on-board sensors. Vehicle configuration and/or aftermarket device requirements apply for the latter two event types monitoring.

Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Driver Vehicle Inspection application enables driver to electronically record defects and communicate them in near real-time to the back office for defect resolution.

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

Tire Pressure Monitoring supports the monitoring of tires with various conditions. It delivers near real-time notifications back to the back office, provides critical data to the driver, and captures historical data.

Fault Monitoring

Vehicle Fault Monitoring application enables reporting to the back office user of 18 critical (DM1) faults, so that fleets can address potential vehicle issues before they become downtime problems. Omnitracs now supports extended fault monitoring beyond the 18 critical DM1 faults.

Analytics Manager

Safety, Performance, and Productivity dashboards at fleet, depot, driver-level across multiple applications. This is a portal-based offering available for Customer back office management.

Over-the-Air Software Upgrade and Configuration

Over-the-air (OTA) configuration of application parameters to the mobile and ability to upgrade and push new mobile applications to fielded mobile devices.

Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts (TIA)

Trailer Tire Inflation provides near real-time visibility of tire pressure data. The application displays a graphical tire health indicator on the IVG unit and the host user interface that color codes the severity levels of active tire issues, such as under inflation and over inflation, allowing you to address the most critical.


Text-to-Speech (TTS) supports safe use while driving by allowing incoming messages, alerts, and navigation directions to be spoken to the driver. The feature also enables replay of previously spoken messages and directions using the soft keys on the mobile display.

In-Motion User Interface

In-motion user interface promotes safe driving by preventing text entry and limiting driver access to information while driving.

Alert Notifications

IVG enhances the driver notification experience of the MCP units by leveraging the IVG device’s 8” display to make alert information readily visible and consumable to the driver. The visual and audible alerts area provided to the driver to notify them of critical information in near real-time.

Mobile Settings

Mobile settings give the driver the ability to manage settings for brightness, time zone, text-to-speech volume and dialogs.

Mobile Signal Indicators

IVG provides an enhanced use experience with its 8” display to present mobile indicators such as signal strength to the driver.  New signal indicators will be supported with future releases to provide driver status on the new wireless gateway communication connectivity status such as Bluetooth and Mobile Hotspot.

Ignition Sense

Ignition Sense is a new feature that makes the IVG simple to install for customers. IVG is an “all-in-one” box solution with a single cable for power and accessories that connects to the vehicle bus connector in a plug-and-play fashion. Ignition is automatically detected from the vehicle bus. With this option, there is no need to splice a separate ignition wire. With the Ignition Sense feature, the Omnitracs’ system must see non-zero RPMs to detect Ignition ON. Drivers will need to start the engine before the system will start up.

In-Cab Scanning

IVG’s In-Cab Scanning helps manage important documents quickly and accurately. Drivers can scan and transmit important documents from the cab of their truck in near real-time, reducing manual errors associated with re-keying important information.

Power Management

As with previous MCP mobile product lines, IVG supports the ability to ride out an engine cold crank and persist data inthe event of abrupt power removal. The IVG device supports configurable mobile power down timers and will support periodic wakeup capability (also configurable) in a subsequent release. The QTRACS application will also enable a new message delivery priority (Extended Sleepy). Dispatch can use this priority setting on messages to persist message delivery for a 72-hour period (over the weekend).

Vehicle Data Configuration (VDC)

The IVG mobile device connects directly to the vehicle bus and automatically configures vehicle bus parameters for J1708 or J1939 respectively. Vehicle configuration for the data bus can also be accessed/viewed by the back office user through the VDC application on the Omnitracs’ Services portal.

Intelligent Voice Interface (IVI)

The addition of Intelligent Voice Interface enables hands-free operation of the IVG unit for safer operation on the road. The driver can interface with the IVG unit without having to tap the interface and scroll through screens to navigate the application, find pertinent information such as available hours, reading messages as well as controlling the unit’s brightness, volume, and scroll features.

Support Tools: Remote Health Check, Mobile Reset, and OTA Diagnostics

Remote health check, Mobile Reset, and OTA diagnostics are two core support tools provided with Omnitracs’ IVG through the Omnitracs Customer Portal. Omnitracs can retrieve select diagnostic data for OTA for assessing mobile system health and performance, and initiate a mobile reset, if needed.

Known Issues


User Interface (UI) - General

  • A white screen may be displayed when an IVG unit reboots. Customer impact: driver needs to reboot the system.
  • Intermittently IVG display remains turned OFF while the APP remains running (hard keys such as volume and LED lights still function). Driver impact:  Driver would need to reboot the unit.
  • When HOS and Navigation are toggled, there is a consistent overlay if any other pop-up (such as an Overspeed alert) displays. Customer impact: No functional impact but the screen may be disorienting for the driver.


Map may freeze for up to 15 minutes. Map route updates, but driver is unable to move off of the screen using Home button. Customer impact: the screen will unfreeze itself without a reboot.

Text and Macro Messaging

Many times, when the IVG boots up, the UI shows there is one message in the inbox, while there are none. Customer impact: Driver presses Previous/Next Icon, the UI will correct itself to show 0/0.

Intelligent Voice Interface (IVI)

Intelligent Voice Interface may intermittently  get stuck where no voice inputs are accepted. IVI button shows as active. Customer impact: Driver can navigate to the HOS screen or play a message via TTS (via TMM) to navigate around this issue.


  • When the NMC is sending down new software for the Driver Terminal, the Driver Terminal is rejecting the 72,0 Release.xml component. Customer impact: This delays the Driver Terminal from updating to the new scheduled software release.
  • Power dip causes instability on the unit. Customer impact: The system will reboot. Driver may lose drive time for Performance Management and HOS. Back office personnel may need to edit driver logs.

Performance and Stability


IVG unit wakes up 25 to 30 minutes after going to sleep and alerts driver to unread messages. Customer impact: Customers should call Omnitracs’ technical support to extend the powerdown timer so the unit does not go to sleep.