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Omnitracs One, XRS, and RNA 6.8 Release Video Overview


Solera Fleet is excited to announce the release of v6.8 for Omnitracs One, XRS, and Roadnet (RNA). The release offers an enhanced and more robust technology platform to help you succeed. 

Click HERE to Download the Video Overview of v6.8  (after click link hit Download on top of next page to download the 135mb MP4 recording)

This release contains significant and sweeping enhancements and improvements in:

· Reliability and robustness with hundreds of improvements across the entirety of the portfolio

· User experience improvements and compliance enhancements for drivers, back-office users, and your customers.

Leading up to the release starting on October 7, we want to ensure you, our valued customer, are well-assisted in your preparation and change management. In this webinar, we will cover the objectives of the v6.8 release, recap the enhancements and improvements, and explain the benefits that this release carries for you. 

Applications covered in the 6.8 release -

· Omnitracs One

· Omnitracs Drive

· Omnitracs Navigation

· XRS Standalone (w/Relay)

· Roadnet Anywhere

· Roadnet Mobile

Compatibility Requirements 

Please refer to our minimum requirements for system components that are used with these solutions: 

Compatibility requirements for devices, operating systems, and browsers 

Qr code

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Certified mobile devices 

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RNA routing and dispatch client specifications 

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