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Omnitracs One, XRS, and RNA 6.7 Release Highlights - Webinar


Solera Fleet is excited to announce the release of v6.7 for Omnitracs One, XRS, and Roadnet (RNA). The release offers an enhanced and more robust technology platform to help you succeed. We conducted a live online webinar on June 28, 2023 to help our customers become familiar with the release and the benefits it offers.

Webinar Recording


Webinar Q&A

We also received several questions during the webinar. We are including below brief responses to each of them.

Click here to download the PDF.

For additional information, please contact Omnitracs Customer Support or your account manager.


Compliance – Hours of Service  

What is considered as the start time of the co-driver off-duty status, for which the warning message is displayed?

The off-duty time for a co-driver is considered from the time the vehicle begins to move. When the passenger seat off-duty limit is nearing in 15 minutes, a warning message will be displayed and if they continue to remain in offduty and exceed the limit, a violation message is displayed and would reflect on the co-driver logs.  

Do all these enhancements apply to both XRS and OT1 applications?

Except for just a couple of enhancements such as Uncertified Driver Logs reports and BBE (Black Box Event) reports, all the enhancements are available for both XRS and OT1. These will also be made available for OT1 in the subsequent release.  

For XRS, will these updates eliminate UVA (Unassigned Vehicle Activity) generating when a driver is in drive status during that time?

This release did not address the issue of the mobile recording UVA and automatically recorded Driving at the same time, we have added the ability to assign UVA that overlaps with automatically recorded Driving if they are for the same vehicle.  

Did you fix the Split-break so it requires a sleeper break to count?

We have not yet implemented the fix to only allow 'Split Sleeper pairing' if the vehicle is equipped with a Sleeper Berth. This will be addressed in a future release. 


Compliance – DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)  

Will DVIR give any warning if the inspection is not long enough or not done at all?  

No, it will not.  

Is it possible to customize/schedule the “Not Safe to Operate” message to serve as a reminder for drivers to conduct DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) each day they move their truck?

No, this feature does not support this use case.  We will only display the “Not Safe to Operate” message AFTER a DVIR has been submitted that contains a Major Defect. 


Compliance – IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)  

What are the default number of days for which the IFTA report can be generated?  

The enhancement is to provide extended access to the IFTA data for the current year and the previous six years. A report for any 92-day period in these 7 years can be generated at a time. 


Mobile Applications – Roadnet Mobile and Drive  

Will the "re-activate" feature work for drivers who complete routes before the end of an 8hr shift and need to restart route from the beginning?

If the “Allow Driver to See Completed Trips and Stops” feature is enabled in Command / Workflow Template / Universal Config / My Day Planner – and the value of time configured for the Expiry in Hours has not elapsed, then yes, the driver can reactivate the completed trip.  

We are still running Roadnet Mobile application for drivers. What are some reasons we should switch to using the Drive Circle of Service?  

Drive provides unparalleled configurability for your unique business model and maximizes driver efficiency by displaying only the prescribed tasks for specific stop types, loads or customers. Integrated features like Document Scanning, Navigation, Photo / Signature Capture and Hours of Service management keep drivers focused without having to bounce between different applications. The Circle of Service user experience makes completing tasks easy and intuitive, so drivers do not get frustrated or confused about what to do next. Please contact your Solera sales representative to learn more and request a demo.  

How does the ability for a driver to re-open completed trips and add stops work with 3rd party TMS (Transportation Management System) integrations where the trip is already completed in the TMS?

As with all TMS integrations – the TMS provider must support the functionality if the expectation is the Drive app should “trigger” something to happen in the TMS. As we have not had specific discussions with our integrated TMS partners about supporting this feature, it should be expected that it will not be supported “out of the box” by the TMS provider, unless they explicitly state otherwise. We would encourage customers who are interested in leveraging this functionality to support TMS functions to discuss support for this feature with their respective account / support representatives from their provider.

I am using a TMS which does not support re-opening of completed trips for drivers to add stops. Can this feature be disabled at a company level?

The feature is disabled by default in Command for all Workflow Templates. If it is enabled accidentally or is no longer needed, it can be disabled by Workflow Template in the Command / Workflow Template / Universal Config / My Day Planner section.  

What needs to be done on mobile devices once this release goes out?

You will need to update the Omnitracs One mobile application using one of the following methods:

1. Use the Omnitracs Installer app

2. If you have Mobile Device Management software loaded on your mobile devices, you can publish updates using the Private Google Play Store or be loading the APKs for our applications into your existing device configuration profile

3. You can download the APKs (Android Package Files) from the OT1 Portal (RNA) in the Administration Module / Application Downloads and save them to a PC.  You can then sideload them via a USB cable to your mobile devices  

Are there plans to release Roadnet Mobile app on Android?

Yes, we will release an updated version of Roadnet Mobile for Android on 7/20 at the same time as the other applications.  

Is there a way to clear off loads without running through the Circle of Service?

Yes. There are several options to do this, depending on your configuration or dispatch method:

1. Use the “Cease Dispatch” function in the OT1 (RNA) portal in the FleetView module under the Route Actions menu.

2. Enable the “Allow Driver to Abandon Active Trip” option in Command / Workflow Template / Universal Config / My Day Planner

3. Certain TMS integrations support removal of trips via TMS commands (ex: TMW Suite, Truckmate, and McLeod Loadmaster)

4. If you have a web services integration to the MilesAhead API – you can send a DeleteByKey API call using the respective trip key:

5. Also, our new “Trip Expiration” feature can be used to automatically remove trips (if enabled in Command) once a certain amount of configurable time has elapsed since the last task or trip activity. 


RNA – Platform and Routing  

Quebec has many roads with accents in the name, however, Roadnet does not recognize accents causing roads with accents to require re-geocoding. Are there plans for adding accents to your map/roads?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there are no plans currently to support accents in geocoding.  

Is auditing functionality available for routing in this release?  

We have not yet added that functionality in this release. However, it is currently available for the following entities:

  • Service Locations  
  • Workers  
  • Equipment Type  
  • Equipment  
  • Depots  

Which languages does RNA now support?  

RNA now supports nine languages:

  1. English (UK)  
  2. French (France)  
  3. French (Canada)  
  4. German  
  5. Italian  
  6. Portuguese (Portugal)  
  7. Portuguese (Brazil)  
  8. Spanish (Spain)  
  9. Spanish (Latin America)

Additionally, the following are available in Route Navigator:

  1. Portuguese (Brazil)  
  2. French Canadian  
  3. Spanish (Latin America)  

Will the Roadnet Anywhere desktop application be updated with this release? When will I have to update that application? Will this release include support for 64-bit operating systems?

Yes, the Omnitracs Routing and Dispatch (thin) client will be updated as part of this release. Once the release is in production (scheduled for July 15th), users will be prompted to update their locally installed desktop clients upon their next login. This updated version will require 64-bit operating systems to optimize the user experience and enhance performance.   Are there plans to replace the desktop application with a full web-based system? Currently, there are no plans to replace the Omnitracs Routing and Dispatch client. Routing and Strategic Planner are very user interactive applications that benefit from having a thin client. A purely web-based solution would limit aspects of the solution like “drag and drop” among other rich features present in the thin client.


Insight & Reporting  

What changes can we expect in the Service History module in OT1?

We have made several improvements to enhance user experience with the Service History module. Users can now configure the 'Description' field, making it more intuitive and customizable.   Additionally, we have addressed the following issues:

  • Previously, search results would display errors when users attempted to search for a 'Service Location'. This issue has been resolved, ensuring smooth search functionality.
  • We have fixed the data retrieval process to accurately align with the correct time zone, ensuring reliable information is presented.  

These updates enhance the usability and accuracy of the report, allowing for a smoother and more tailored experience.  

Will there be any changes to the reports, specifically the “Stop List” report, in Roadnet Anywhere?

We have not made any changes to the “Stop List” report in this release. Please contact customer service or account management if there are specific requests to improve this report.  

Regarding other reports, we have added filters to help users sort and filter through large data sets easily in the “Distance by Jurisdiction” and “Equipment History” reports. This will enable them to extract information quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have also made efforts to make the Service History report more intuitive.  

For more details on these enhancements and additional improvements, please refer to the full release notes.  



For Navigation, are there more host integrations?

For Omnitracs Navigation 2.0, we also have the integration of equipment and equipment types. For NavGE, we have the integration of Service Locations and Workers. We want to continue to work to expand our integrations to offer a more streamlined experience.  

What is the map upgrade frequency for Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 and NavGE?

Both products have their maps updated quarterly.  

Will the OT1 portal be the only location that we will need to set up devices? I.e. We will no longer need to go to the Trimble portal for navigation?  

That is correct. After the 6.7 release, users will only need to update the OT1 portal, then our integration will synchronize the Mobile Device entities with the Trimble portal behind the scenes.  

If Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 is selected in the mobile device screen, does the unit need to be added in Trimble separately?

The authentication process is triggered by one of our dispatcher applications (Drive or RN Mobile), therefore, to start using the application it is necessary to enter Navigation from the dispatcher app.

• In RN Mobile you can depart to one stop on a trip.  

• In Drive you can depart to one stop on a trip OR Enter Navigation from the menu (to see this option in the Slide Out Menu, Navigation must be set for the workflow under Universal Config > Core App Settings).  


What is the difference between Omnitracs Navigation and Omnitracs Navigation 2.0?

Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 is a new product offering that enables an integrated experience with Omnitracs at the same time it takes advantage of the Trimble Library, Trimble Fleet Portal, and Trimble Route Reporter.    

Omnitracs Navigation 1.0 is our internal product that has been on the market for a few years but is no longer available for new customers.  

Are you planning to upgrade to a future version of Copilot that will address the synchronization issue between Copilot version 10 and Roadnet Mobile, as well as ensure regular updates for the maps?

The recommendation for customers with CoPilot version 10 is to migrate to the new Omnitracs Navigation 2.0, since this product is built with the Trimble library, we take the best of CoPilot version 10 and improve the experience. Currently, Omnitracs Navigation 2.0 supports the RN Mobile integration and updates maps every quarter. Please reach out to support or your designated account manager to request an evaluation of the new Omnitracs Navigation 2.0. 


Telematics & Performance Monitoring

Are there more third-party adapter integrations planned? If so which ones?

We do have a few more third-party adapters planned. We want to continue to work with both OEMs as well as third party equipment vendors to expand our integrations.

Is there somewhere to sign up for the "Alpha Fleet"?

Please reach out to support or your designated account manager and we can evaluate if there are units within your fleet that would be a good fit for the program.  

Have there been any improvements to help with network stability?

Network stability is not something that we can control as network availability is dependent on the cellular carrier. However, we continue to look at ways of improving how our devices can store and later report information when working on the edge of coverage zones.  


APIs, Web Services, and Integrations

Has the 500 error on the Route API been fixed in this version?

Yes, this issue has been resolved as part of the 6.7 release.  


Compatibility Requirements 

Please refer to our minimum requirements for system components that are used with these solutions: 

Compatibility requirements for devices, operating systems, and browsers 

Qr code

Description automatically generated 

Certified mobile devices 

A qr code with dots

Description automatically generated with low confidence 

RNA routing and dispatch client specifications 

A qr code with black dots

Description automatically generated with low confidence 


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