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OT1 Host 6.6.6 Production Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs One Host 6.6.6 Production release will be available March 18, 2023.

This release includes feature enhancements and software corrections. An optional Routing Client is required for the 5 items denoted as Routing Client below please contact support team if your account plans to consume this optional client.   

There is a strongly recommended Compliance mobile release associated with this release with some critical bug fixes.

Please see the separate Compliance mobile release notes for more details.  


Feature Enhancements 

Mexico Daylight Saving Change

Mexico is permanently removing Daylight Saving Time (DST), but northern border locations close to the US will still follow the American DST schedule.
The system has been updated to include Mexico Time Zones that will not apply DST. For locations along the US border, please select a US Time Zone to properly adhere to DST.

REST API - FuelLevel Field has a new name

The FuelLevel field has been removed and replaced with FuelLevelTank1 and FuelLevelTank2 in the Telemetric Data Set.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
RPE-93638 Fixed an issue in Roadnet Anywhere (RNA), in which, while running driver directions the total distance at the top of the report and the added total did not match. GIS
RPE-96213 Fixed an issue where a REST API Patch Route Template call overwrote the route's color. API
RPE-92982 Fixed an issue where service locations were not showing in shared regions in instances where the shared regions were not the primary region. Routing Client
RPE-92328 Prevent deleted orders and routes from being displayed in Orders and Routes listings.   Routing Client
RPE-88747 Prevent deleted routing sessions from being displayed. Routing Client
RPE-91657 Added retry logic and enhanced the error message to display user modified where the Routing client app (Route Navigator) threw an error dialog when moving routes. Routing Client
RPE-94351 Updated the GUI so that a Session Date filter is applied on the default View Configuration Orders screen to improve performance.   Routing Client
RPE-96086 Fixed an issue where the application returned a fatal error when navigating the map. Strategic Planning
RPE-97038 Fixed an issue where the user identified routes showing triggering for Idling exceptions while at a stop with the ignition off, or while traveling. Telematics
RPE-95973 Fixed an issue with the BlackBerry adapter not working as expected. Telematics
RPE-94242 Fixed an issue with the EquipmentStatus web service returning inconsistent and incorrect data for Fuel Tank Levels. Telematics
RPE-98070 Fixed an issue where the idling report shows idling in excess of 100%. Telematics
RPE-96444 Fixed an issue where OT1 performance report idling does not match what is in XRS. Telematics
XRS-16467 Fixed an issue in the DVIR Web Service where the DVIR payload field value VIN was populated with the Vehicle VIN instead of the actual Trailer VIN. Host
XRS-20051 Fixed an issue where a user received the error message "Automatically recorded drive time must not be reduced or removed." when attempting to edit or delete manually triggered drive events. Host
XRS-20099 Fixed an issue where the XRS Available Time Report returns an error message: "An error occurred generating this report. Please try again requesting a smaller data set or call support." Host
XRS-20173 Fixed an issue where an additional Yard Move End event is generated without a corresponding Yard Move Begin, even in situations where Yard Move is not enabled. Host
XRS-20614 Fixed an issue where Hours of Service (HOS) data was being purged prior to the required six month date. Host
XRS-20698 Fixed an issue that removed the resource groups for all drivers within an organization that was using Hours of Service (HOS) settings. This occurred when making any edit to an organization. Host
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