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OT1 Host 6.6.6 Service Release Notes for UAT V1


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs One 6.6.6 Host Service Release Notes for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) V1 was released on February 28, 2023.

Product Version Number
XRS Host 06.66.0013.00


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-16467 Fixed an issue in the DVIR Web Service where the DVIR payload field value VIN was populated with the Vehicle VIN instead of the actual Trailer VIN. Host
XRS-20051 Fixed an issue where a user received the error message "Automatically recorded drive time must not be reduced or removed." when attempting to edit or delete manually triggered drive events. Host
XRS-20099 Fixed an issue where the XRS Available Time Report returns an error message: "An error occurred generating this report. Please try again requesting a smaller data set or call support." Host
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