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OT1 Mobile 6.60.6 Production Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs One Mobile v6.60.0285 (6.6.6) production release will be available March 21, 2023.

Please see the separate Host release notes for more details.  


Product Version Number Release Date
XRS Mobile 6.60.0285 March 21, 2023


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-19978 Fixed an issue where the mobile was spamming multiple duplicate duty status changes. Mobile
XRS-20056 Fixed an issue where too many log entries were 'inactivated' when a driver accepted Unassigned UVA on the mobile device. Mobile
XRS-20125 Fixed an issue where the system failed to record intermediate events each hour while the driver was driving. Mobile
XRS-20247 Fixed an issue where a driver is stuck in Off-Duty Yard Move, which was an invalid status. The driver could not get out of this status because any Hours of Service change defaulted back to the invalid status. Mobile
XRS-20623 Fixed an issue where the driver was forced to perform a vehicle pre-trip inspection a second time. This occurred after they restarted their mobile device for any reason which required the driver to log into the app once again which required the additional pre-trip inspection. Mobile
XRS-20173 Fixed an issue where an additional Yard Move End event is generated without a corresponding Yard Move Begin, even in situations where Yard Move is not enabled. Mobile
XRS-21115 Fixed an issue where the user entered a six-digit alpha-numeric identifier to register a device but was not able to proceed because the OK button was inactive. Mobile
XRS-21127 Fixed an issue where the driver was unable to send an eRODS request. Mobile
XRS-20088 Fixed an issue where the Mobile was generating multiple duplicate Ruleset changes to an invalid Ruleset. Mobile
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