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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Training Videos for Administrators

Select a video to learn more about the operation of Omnitracs Navigation. These videos are listed in a suggested order of viewing.


Navigation Administrative Overview 

3m 15s

Overview of how to set up your fleet to use Navigation.


TMS Integration 

3m 28s

An overview of how to integrate a transportation management system with Navigation and send routes or stops to drivers.


Set Up Navigation on Android Devices 

2m 33s

Set Up Navigation on Android Devices Duration:
Demonstration of how to set up Navigation on Android tablets and smart phones.



Enable Navigation on IVGs 

1m 28s

Demonstration of how to complete your Navigation purchase and enable Navigation on your vehicles.



Define Navigation Equipment Types 

1m 48s

Overview of how to set up your fleet to use Navigation and how to define equipment types.



Assign Equipment Types 

1m 26s

Demonstration of how to assign equipment type definitions to your Navigation units.

Import Equipment Settings 

2m 12s

Import Equipment Settings Duration: 2m 12s
Demonstration of how to update multiple vehicles with their equipment type settings at the same time by importing a spreadsheet.

Define Speed Alerts and Regional Settings 

3m 03s

Demonstration of how to set up alerts to notify your drivers when they speed and how to group your drivers.

Enable Notifications

1m 07s

Demonstration of how to be notified by email or text that your drivers are speeding.

Managing Routes in Map Editor

3m 51s

Demonstration of how to restrict routes and see how Navigation routes your drivers.

Track Navigation Units in Fleetview

3m 38s

Demonstration of how to view a near real-time summary of all Navigation-enabled vehicles in your fleet from FleetView.



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