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Setting the Map Download Options

The Map Dataset Regions window lets you choose specific states for which you want maps downloaded to your driver's devices.

It is very important that your drivers' devices have up-to-date maps to determine the best path to the next stop, or for their entire route. But map data can be very large, taking up a lot of space on the device as well as taking a long time to download. If your drivers only travel in one or two states, there is no reason to waste the time and device storage to download maps for other states. Now you can choose which states you want to download map data for.

Note: Map data is not organized strictly by state, so you may end up with data for some surrounding states. For instance, if you choose to download Maryland maps, you will also receive maps for Delaware, Washington, D.C., and parts of Virginia.

  1. Open the Administration module.

    Administration Module icon
  2. Select the green button and scroll to Regions. The Regions list opens.
  3. To add a region, select the Add button; to change an existing region, select the region’s edit icon. The Region window opens.
  4. On the left panel, click Map Dataset Regions. The Map Dataset Regions window opens. 

    Add Region window
  5. Check Allow User to Download Map Regions if the driver should be able to select maps to be downloaded to the mobile device.
    Note: Allow User to Download Map Regions is automatically checked until at least one Map Dataset Region is selected.
  6. Check the boxes for the region you want to be downloaded to your drivers' devices.
    Notes: If no Map Dataset Regions are selected, the driver will need to download maps the first time the application is started.

    If no maps are loaded on the device, the map dataset region(s) selected here will be automatically downloaded the first time the application is started.

    If the map dataset selected here does not match the maps on the device, the maps will update when the application is started.
  7. Select Save.
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