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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Navigation Training Center

Select a video to learn more about the operation of Omnitracs Navigation version 5.5. These videos are listed in a suggested order of viewing.



Overview of Omnitracs Navigation

1m 34s

Overview of Omnitracs Navigation features.


Receive Trip from Dispatch 

1m 11s

Video demonstration of how drivers recieve dispatch routes in OmniNav.


Routing Overview 

4m 59s

An overview of how drivers navigate to stops or points of interest by entering an address, selecting from a list of favorites or saved stops, or using the map.


General Settings 

2m 51s

View a demonstration of how to define default map settings.


Driver Route Settings 

1m 17s

View a demonstration of how to define settings to optimize routes generated by Navigation.


On-screen Map Features

2m 14s

View a demonstration of how to use the on-screen buttons to set the Navigation map to meet your needs.


Speed Alert Settings

1m 48s

View a demonstration of how to set Navigation to notify you when you speed.



1m 04s

View an overview of the alert sounds drivers encounter while following a route using Navigation.

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