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Omnitracs Drive Getting Started

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Omnitracs Drive is a mobile application that lets your drivers easily complete the necessary tasks throughout the day, from vehicle inspections to tasks at each stop. In order to use Drive, there is some backend setup you must complete to make the driver’s experience efficient and simple. Some things are set up in Omnitracs Web, and some in Command.

Notes: Depending on the Drive package you have purchased, you may not need to perform all of these steps. 
This Getting Started Guide only contains information about the items and fields needed to complete a basic setup for Drive. For more information on other options, see the complete online help. 

Before starting, you need to complete the Omnitracs One Getting Started process. 

The following items are set up in Omnitracs Web: 

The following items are set up in Command:

If you are using other applications, click on the product name to set up that product.

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