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Creating a Circle of Service

The Circle of Service defines the tasks the driver needs to complete at each stop, or even tasks they need to complete in unexpected circumstances, such as an accident.

Notes: Drive Mobile does not support using circles of service. 

Most organizations will not need to create additional stop types, but you can add them if needed. 

  1. Click on Circle of Service.
  2. The Circle of Service area contains two panels. The left panel lists the stop types; the right panel displays the tasks for that stop type.
    Note: The stop types are configured for a typical organization. You may want to review the stop types that are assigned, and the tasks that are assigned to the stop types, to make sure they reflect your organization's business needs.

To review the tasks for a stop type, click on the stop type in the list. The tasks for that stop type are displayed.

To change the order of the tasks for a stop type, click on the (name of icon) for that task and drag it to where it should occur in the drivers list.

To add a task type for a stop type, click Add Task Type. The Add Task Type window opens. Enter the Task and Task Necessity, then click [Save].

Note: If you are using Omnitracs Dispatching to manage the progress of your trips, you should review the stop types and confirm that you have a Dispatch Stop Type set for each stop type that you will be using. See the online help for more information. 



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