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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Adding Workers

Workers are your drivers and others who will use Drive and Command.

  1. In Omnitracs Web click on the Maintenance icon to open Maintenance.
  2. Click the green button and scroll to Workers. The Workers list opens.
  3. To add a work, click the [Add] button. The Add Worker window opens.
  4. Check Worker is an Active Employee.
  5. Enter an ID for the worker.
  6. Click the Worker Type arrow and choose a worker type.
  7. Enter the First Name and Last Name for the worker.
  8. Click the Mobile Application arrow and choose Delivery.
  9. Check Enable Driver Compliance.
  10.  Enter the login the worker will use on the mobile device in Mobile Login.
  11. Click the [Set Mobile Password] button and enter the worker’s password for the mobile applications.
  12. Check Enable Auto Arrive/Depart and Enable Stop Resequencing.
  13. Click the Worker Costs tab and enter the costs for the worker.
  14. Click the Compliance tab. Verify Use Region Settings is checked.
  15. If the worker can be used by other regions, check Shared By Regions and select the regions.
  16. Click [Save].
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